Supporting the Newest Attractions in Portsmouth

The Royal Marines Commando Experience

The National Museum of the Royal Navy wants to create a world class new attraction revealing the story of Commandos from their origins in Britain’s darkest days of 1940 to the Future Commando Force.

The Future Commando Force will have the capability to deploy around the world on duties such as warfighting, combat exercises, and humanitarian missions as well as potentially persistent forward deployments and special operations, including supporting the Carrier Strike Group.

Located within the iconic Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which is part of Her Majesty’s Naval Base, our dynamic experience will reveal the drama of the Royal Marines Commandos and Navy Special Operations in the past, present and future.

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Preservation of the Historic Naval Fleet Fund

The National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) has the vision of becoming the world’s most inspiring naval museum.

NMRN cares for vessels that are of such significance they form part of the nation’s historic ship register. These vessels are vital to our understanding of the Royal Navy and its epic history, they illustrate the evolution of warfare at sea, from sailing ships to submarines; demonstrate the evolution of technology and construction techniques; and bring us face-to-face with the living and fighting conditions of naval personnel from the age of sail to the present day. The ongoing conservation of historic ships and submarines is challenging, expensive and requires specialist skills.

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